Anonymous: are you and dec back together?

It would seem so :)

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Decs snoring his head off and I can’t sleep help

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Anonymous: I really want to fuck you

Cheers anon’ed

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Anonymous: what's the link for the friend's blog?

What friends blog?

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I don’t care if he’s Muhammad ‘I’m hard’ Bruce Lee.

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Live life without animosity and let go of the things that hurt you. Better to be happy, and I couldn’t be happier maybe you should try it.

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Anonymous: which friend?

I don’t even know what this means at all

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Anonymous: The things I would do to have sex with you again. I miss the way speak, and the way breath whilst we used to fuck. I want it again.

Yeah I don’t think we’ve ever done anything, liars sending anons are just weird.

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